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Capital Area Planning Council Imagery 2002
Capital Area Planning Council Imagery 2006
Captial Area Planning Council Info clearing house
Cartographic Boundary Files - U.S. Census Bureau
City of Austin
City of Austin - regional gis data
City of Austin - regional gis data ftp
Costal Bend GIS & Technology
Costal Bend Map Download Page
Flash Earth ...satellite and aerial imagery of the Earth in Flash
Geography Network
Geography Network - Download Census 2000 TIGER-Line Shapefiles for Texas
GeoWeb Blog
TaxNetUSA - Tx property appraisal records
Texas DIR - Texas Geographic Information Council
Texas LC gis data ftp
Texas LC Redistricting
Texas Leg Council ftp download
Texas RRC digital map data
Texas State Data Center and Office of the State Demographer
TNRIS gis data download
TNRIS IMAGERY 2004 1m in LLd folders ftp
Travis County Tx CAD property search
US Census Bureau - TIGER-Line
USCB American FactFinder
USDA NRCSGeospatial Data Gatewayhome
USGS EarthExplorer